Robert E. Lee Monument Project.

This project aims to look into the Robert E. Lee Monument that was located on Monument Ave. in Richmond, VA. Lee was a General who served under the Confederate States, and like many of his peers, received a Monument to honor his service. The Robert E. Lee Memorial was erected in 1890, just 20 years after his death. Over 130 years later, the Monument was taken down.

A Newspaper clipping from 1922.

This project aims to show evidence that the Robert E. Lee Monument, and by extension many of the other confederate Monuments found around Virginia, are not a symbol of history as many would like you to believe. Rather, this project argues that this Monument and others like it do nothing more than upholding white supremacy and racist ideals.

Modern-day Image of the Monument.

To accomplish this goal, this project will go into many Primary and Secondary sources to look into the history of the Monument as well as other Confederate-related monuments around Virginia as a collective part of what is known as the “Lost-Cause” art movement.

For example, William Lees, a writer and Professor at the University of West Florida, argues that how we argue over the context of the Monuments, attempt to add context via signs and plaques and the way White Supremacists gather to these Monuments are all signs of how these Monuments do not work to uphold history.